Favorite Things To Do At Night in Mexico City

 It’s no secret that Mexico City is a city that  doesn’t sleep. So at Nima Local House, we decided to do an all-nighter itinerary of our favorite things to do at night in Mexico City for those who enjoy the nightlife and all it has to offer!

Let’s get it started

Dinner at Rosetta restaurant! Rosetta is a unique gastronomic proposal by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas. Located In a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, Reygadas offers diners authentic food that eschews excess and flash, moves away from the commonplace and proposes something a wee bit daring, yet utterly unaffected.

Let’s get drinks!

Rufino Mexico, located in Oaxaca 89 is one of our favorites to start off a good night. Mezcales and some of the best cocktails are guaranteed. And just around the corner there’s Bar Oriente. A restaurant bar with a modern twist and karaoke!

Now, if you are ready to hit the dance floor, you cannot miss Café Paraiso. Located in La Glorieta de Las Cibeles (Plaza Villa de Madrid 17) Cafe Paraiso is the place where You will hear local songs like reggaeton, salsa, and cumbia. (Note: We strongly recommend you get there early at night, it gets hard to get in after 11:00PM)

Once you’ve danced your heart out, you cannot go back home without having some tacos! There’s two taquerias we always recommend:  El Faraon taqueria (located in Oaxaca 93) and Taqueria Orinoco (Insurgentes 253) After all, when you don’t sleep, you need to eat!

That’s it! We hope you enjoy our small list of recommendations and don’t forget to always drink responsibly.


Here’s a list of the recommended places:



Bar Oriente 

Cafe Paraiso 

El Faraon

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