Monocle Travel Guide: Mexico City – Nima Local House Hotel

Monocle Travel Guide: Mexico City

We wanted to write this small, but very special blog post because at Nima Local House Hotel we could not be happier and we’ll tell you why. A couple of weeks ago we found out that we were featured on the 32nd edition of Monocle’s travel guide dedicated to our beloved Mexico City. To begin with, we have always been such huge admirers of Monocle. We’ve always believed that the publication founded in 2007 by Tyletar Brûlé is a handy resource for every city they have available. We are proud and grateful to now be included in one

The 132 pages of this stunning guide include great local restaurant recommendations, invaluable hotel choices, and off the beaten path experiences.  You can trust that everything in the guide is hand picked by the wonderful writers of the magazine.

Now, please if you are reading this, go buy Mexico’s city guide here. We promise you won’t regret it 😉