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Architectural Digest “Explore Mexico City’s Design-Hotel Boom” 

A couple of days ago, we got a lovely email from Brooke Porter, a Mexico city based writer, who was kind enough to include us on her latest article for Architectural Digest called “Explore Mexico City’s Design-Hotel Boom” “These are properties that feel more like the home of your dreams than mere places to stay, […]

Monocle Travel Guide: Mexico City – Nima Local House Hotel

Monocle Travel Guide: Mexico City We wanted to write this small, but very special blog post because at Nima Local House Hotel we could not be happier and we’ll tell you why. A couple of weeks ago we found out that we were featured on the 32nd edition of Monocle’s travel guide dedicated to our […]

Nima Local House through the lens of Fabian Martinez @fabianml

A couple of weeks ago we invited photographer and graphic designer, Fabian Martinez to experience Nima. Some days after his stay, we received a wonderful email with the following photos. Please, enjoy Nima through the lens of Fabian:     It’s safe to say that there are a few things we enjoy more than seeing Nima through […]

Favorite Things To Do At Night in Mexico City

 It’s no secret that Mexico City is a city that  doesn’t sleep. So at Nima Local House, we decided to do an all-nighter itinerary of our favorite things to do at night in Mexico City for those who enjoy the nightlife and all it has to offer! Let’s get it started Dinner at Rosetta restaurant! Rosetta […]