Fuerza Mexico -Techo & Kaluz x Nima Local House


Readapting to everyday life after what happened during the month of September, in Mexico City and other parts of the country made day to day activities seem magic. The route to work that’s usually in a hurry and not necessarily pleasant, became letting others pass before you, saying good morning to strangers on the street and being thankful the building where you work were still on their feet. Not everyone had the same luck, and it was fundamental to the recovery of the country that those who did, gave three times their efforts to help their brothers. Fuerza Mexico was something you read everywhere; posters on the street, store windows and the faces of the people who went out on the streets to reactivate not only the economy, but the vibe of the country.

There have been countless contributions, not only economic ones, but in time and many forms that have been given by many, not only by Mexicans but by people all around the world. Showing even now almost a month later that resiliency is definitely engrained on the collective conscience of Mexicans.

It’s time to help

At Nima we have joined the movement, inviting all who have entered our home to join forces and help us give a worthy home to those who were affected by the earthquake. We are still helping, and looking for allies for our project. Because we have learned that just a couple of minutes can change thousands of lives and we want to face those changes with positive outcomes.

We are collecting donations that will be used to build houses in strategic locations where help is much needed. Foundation Kaluz has pledged to double all of our donations in order to make as many houses as possible. In an effort to encourage guests at Nima to donate, we have decided to offer 20% discount in any of our rooms to those that send your donations receipts to!