Architectural Digest “Explore Mexico City’s Design-Hotel Boom” 

A couple of days ago, we got a lovely email from Brooke Porter, a Mexico city based writer, who was kind enough to include us on her latest article for Architectural Digest called “Explore Mexico City’s Design-Hotel Boom”

“These are properties that feel more like the home of your dreams than mere places to stay, with living rooms that are perfectly chic and comfortable enough for lingering as well as leafy rooftop retreats that were designed as much for relaxing over breakfast as they were for sipping cocktails at sunset.” We are all about making our wonderful guests feel at home and welcomed at all times.

It’s a dream come true to be included with so many other beautiful hotels in Mexico City and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank Brooke and Architectural Digest for allowing us, and the other hotels featured, to be featured in such a great platform.


Read the full article here


Nima Local House through the lens of Fabian Martinez @fabianml

A couple of weeks ago we invited photographer and graphic designer, Fabian Martinez to experience Nima. Some days after his stay, we received a wonderful email with the following photos.

Please, enjoy Nima through the lens of Fabian:



It’s safe to say that there are a few things we enjoy more than seeing Nima through our wonderful guests’ eyes.


Thank you, Fabian. Come back home soon.

Favorite Things To Do At Night in Mexico City

 It’s no secret that Mexico City is a city that  doesn’t sleep. So at Nima Local House, we decided to do an all-nighter itinerary of our favorite things to do at night in Mexico City for those who enjoy the nightlife and all it has to offer!

Let’s get it started

Dinner at Rosetta restaurant! Rosetta is a unique gastronomic proposal by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas. Located In a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, Reygadas offers diners authentic food that eschews excess and flash, moves away from the commonplace and proposes something a wee bit daring, yet utterly unaffected.

Let’s get drinks!

Rufino Mexico, located in Oaxaca 89 is one of our favorites to start off a good night. Mezcales and some of the best cocktails are guaranteed. And just around the corner there’s Bar Oriente. A restaurant bar with a modern twist and karaoke!

Now, if you are ready to hit the dance floor, you cannot miss Café Paraiso. Located in La Glorieta de Las Cibeles (Plaza Villa de Madrid 17) Cafe Paraiso is the place where You will hear local songs like reggaeton, salsa, and cumbia. (Note: We strongly recommend you get there early at night, it gets hard to get in after 11:00PM)

Once you’ve danced your heart out, you cannot go back home without having some tacos! There’s two taquerias we always recommend:  El Faraon taqueria (located in Oaxaca 93) and Taqueria Orinoco (Insurgentes 253) After all, when you don’t sleep, you need to eat!

That’s it! We hope you enjoy our small list of recommendations and don’t forget to always drink responsibly.


Here’s a list of the recommended places:



Bar Oriente 

Cafe Paraiso 

El Faraon

A Dinner With A Cause | Nima Local House

A Very Special Night

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a very special dinner at Nima Local House; its purpose was to raise funds for the victims of the September earthquakes that hit Mexico. The funds raised will go directly towards the reconstruction of homes in Morelos. The Chef in charge of this exceptional culinary experience was Santiago Muñoz.

The event was an unforgettable experience from start to finish. The first ones to arrive to the venue were the chef and his team of very professional individuals. They had to ensure everything was set and ready for the special night ahead. While that was happening, our in-house team was putting the last touches into a beautiful table set that left more than one speechless.

 As the guests started to arrive, we welcomed them with a cocktail in our living room/lobby. It helped break the ice between those that didn’t know each other, and those that were visiting us for the first time went to explore the hotel. Wang Perro, an instrumental group delighted us with their rhythm throughout the whole time and it was exquisite.

When it was finally a dinner time, the chef appeared to introduce each and every single one of his delicious dishes that were inspired in traditional street style Mexican food with a twist. The dinner had additions with the help of some of our beloved sponsors that included Ron Zacapa, S. Pellegrino water and Nespresso. We are grateful and honored to have had these brands to be a part of such a humble cause. This event would not have been possible without our sponsors and attendees. Thank you and see you at the next event.

Team Nima

GUCCI DIY in Mexico City – Nima Local House Hotel

Nima Local House Hotel – Gucci

September was an important month in the world of fashion and at Nima we got to peek into the beautiful kaleidoscope of color that is Gucci. We had an honor of serving as hosts for the Gucci Spring 2017 collection showroom and were invaded by the Italian house of fashion’s pieces.


Over the course of around ten days Nima was filled with pearls, snake embroidery and lace. Part of the exhibition was a new DIY concept for bags and jackets where you could choose from animals and fonts to create a personal and incredibly beautiful piece. We love to learn from the people we collaborate with, and it certainly is an inspiration to see such a legendary brand reinvent itself and keep its essence.



Unique Traditions: Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead

Like so many things in Mexican culture, death is a many layered concept. For some people it’s viewed as a time to solemnly honor those who aren’t with us anymore. This includes anyone from close relatives, pets and even strangers. In this particular point of view of death, people place altars better known as “ofrendas” which have several key elements to make them as authentic as possible.

Let’s talk about ofrendas

Ofrendas are mainly decorated with Papel picado, which is thin colorful paper with cut outs that resemble skulls. Another main element you’ll find in ofrendas, and pretty much anywhere around town in the months of October and November, is a flower called Cempasuchil. This orange flower is arranged in certain ways that “guide” the dead. But what truly makes it a personal altar, is placing things that the person we are honoring loved.

Themed ofrendas

A common theme for public space ofrendas, are celebrities. Such is the case of the Coyoacan house of Emilio Fernandez. Famously known for his place in Mexican cinema in the first half of the twentieth century, “El Indio” Fernandez is still talked about today for the transformation of his house every year into a huge altar for many celebrities. With the elements previously mentioned drowning the walls and hallways of the house, you will find many Mexican pop culture icons being honored like Maria Felix, Cantiflas, Pedro Infante and Frida Kahlo. It’s a must in your trip around Coyoacan to stop by and take a tour.


The other side of the day of the day of the Dead celebrations includes shedding a light on this serious topic with humor. Poems called calaveritas are written in rhyme with topics that include death as a humorous character that encounters people who either get taken away or are able to cleverly escape their fate through word play. It’s not uncommon also to escape their fate by offering death a drink. This is another clear example of how, rather than shying away from this somber topic, Mexicans love to see death in the face and meet it with a life well lived.

Not to be confused with Halloween, the day of the Dead, is an authentic Mexican experience that is best lived through those who inhabit this country. It’s definitely worth the visit to Mexico during this time of year, to be able to see, taste and enjoy all of the colorful celebrations surrounding this incredible tradition.


Ofrenda at Nima Local House 2017.

A Culinary Experience At Formula 1 in Mexico City

When great food and adrenaline meet!

For those that didn’t know, the round eighteen of the 2017 FIA Formula 1 season will take place on October 27th – 29th at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City, Mexico.  At Nima, we couldn’t be more excited as this is one of our favorite events of the year! We love this event because it offers an exceptional experience, and this time we would like to focus on one in particular: the culinary one.

For the second year in a row, the F1 organizers in Mexico will hold an event called “El sabor de la fórmula 1”, which includes a culinary experience inspired by automobiles and F1.

Mexican food and adrenaline, sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

So from the 16th of this month till the 29th, a selected group of chefs and restaurants will be creating automobile adrenaline inspired dishes for true F1 fans to enjoy during this great event.  

This year more than 100 restaurants will be participating. You can find them here:  

And if you’re a social media obsessed person like we are, there’s a contest going on! If you go to one of the restaurants participating between the 16th and the 22nd of this month and share a photo of one of their plates on social media using the hashtag #ElSaborF1 you could be one of the lucky winners of a F1 double pass and a Paul McCartney double pass for his concert in Mexico City on the 28th of this month! 

By the way, at Nima we have partnered with Foundation Techo and Kaluz to build houses for those who were affected by the September Earthquakes in Mexico. We are collecting donations that will be used to build houses in strategic locations where help is much needed. Foundation Kaluz has pledged to double all of our donations in order to make as many houses as possible. In an effort to encourage guests at Nima to donate, we have decided to offer 20% discount to those that send your donations receipts to! WE CAN DO THIS!




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